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Milestones in Life

2011 June 12
by Mario

What is the most significant milestone of your life? Milestones were first used by the Romans, they basically were “stones” positioned every “mile” to measure distances on roads. They are basically markers.

Asked about the most important moments in life, many people would adapt their answer on who asks the question. If your life partner asks it, you might be lead to say “Meeting you my love!” or “The first scream of our child!”. I just had to answer this question in an interview for a job. A few people might be lead to refer to the period when they entered a certain career, got a promotion, finished a project.

Yet, some people can pinpoint to one specific moment that really determined the rest of their life. If it was a place, it would be a big junction. It would like the place where all the paths, or streams of the life that “could” be are generated from. It is a quantistic moment of truth where the status of the future is somehow known, reveled to the mind, out of the cloud of possibilities that were only one moment before. After such a moment it feels like all the life before  was a funnel leading to that moment. Enlightenment for Siddhartha must have been one of those milestones.

I do not believe there is only one milestone in a lifetime, but most likely there is a most important one. The good thing of looking for your milestones for yourself, without being prompted to answer by anybody, is that you are most likely to get to the “true” answer, the one that is ore important for you, not for your audience. So this is your occasion to think about it.  Which is the most important milestone in your life?

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